Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

Project Manager

The role of the Project Manager is vital to the success of a project. It’s an area where AllGen staff have developed genuine expertise over the last 15 years. Our highly skilled project managers not only understand the challenges of managing a large project to a satisfactory conclusion but they also have a deep understanding of the work to be done and the equipment to be worked on. Our Project Managers have excellent grounding in the heavy engineering industry to complement their in-depth knowledge of project planning. This always helps to ensure that there are excellent lines of communications between the hands-on engineers, the project manager and the client.

In addition to Project Managers we are also able to provide Contract Management skills to ensure that any negotiation for additional and required sub-contractors is managed in our clients’ best interests. Contract managers are able to ensure that the right quality of subcontractor is engaged and that this is done at the most advantageous price to our clients.

AllGen Staff provided 24/7 supervision for the overhaul of the turbine and removal/replacement of the Fuji generator rotor at Malitbog Power Station in the Philippines.

Project Controls and Management Systems

Within every project there need to be controls and management systems. These are the vital indicators that ensure the project runs smoothly and is delivered on time. AllGen staff have many years of experience in providing these services on a wide variety of projects. Our skilled project managers will work with our clients to ensure that they understand the controls that are required and that these controls are in place before the project begins.

The management systems associated with these controls are in place to ensure that there is consistency in the management of a project. AllGen staff have many years experience in the use of these systems and will employ them to ensure the success of our clients’ projects.

AllGen Director,  Manolito Batulan Supervising coupling concentricity check on 60MW Toshiba Unit at Mahanagdong power plant in Leyte.

Tender Development and Appraisal

Most major operators in the heavy engineering industry are obliged to invite tenders for contract work on their sites and their equipment. The creation of these tender requests requires a high degree of skill and knowledge to ensure that every aspect of the work to be carried out is aptly covered in the tender. The risks associated with vital items of work being omitted can be very high and costly.

AllGen’s experienced project managers have many years experience in the development of tenders in a wide variety of industries. AllGen will work with your staff to ensure that the tenders you create are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the contractual work to be completed. Engaging AllGen’s experts will help to ensure that the risks associated with any item being missed are minimised.

Quality Systems Development and Documentation

Quality systems are important to all large organisations to ensure that every aspect of work is completed to a high standard of quality. For many companies the creation and development of these systems can be a time-consuming and complex task. Very often, the development of the quality system is a one-off task and the final system will only need to be updated and maintained. Training staff in-house for the development of the quality system can be cost ineffective as it is a resource-hungry task and the skills learnt may not necessarily be transferable.

AllGen can offer specialists who are highly skilled in the development of quality systems. These specialists will work with your staff to develop sophisticated systems to manage and maintain the quality of the services carried out on your equipment. AllGen can also produce the necessary documentation to support these quality systems.

At AllGen we are committed to all aspects of quality in everything that we do. By providing quality systems development and documentation we believe that we demonstrate our commitment to quality.

Project Auditor

AllGen also offers Project Auditor services. There are several situations where a client may require the services of an auditor. In certain situations, this may be to carry out an independent audit of a project. For example, this could include whether all the work specified in the original tender has been completed correctly, or if all Health and Safety requirements have been met. In certain circumstances the audit can also be carried out by the company carrying out the project work. This would provide the client with the evidence that every part of the specified project has been successfully completed to specification.

At AllGen we believe that the services of an auditor are invaluable to the client especially on very high value or high risk projects. These services will provide clients with the greatest possible reassurance that their project will be completed successfully and that all the risks will be minimised.

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