Asset Valuation and Acquisition

Asset Valuation and Acquisition

Asset Valuation and Acquisition

Due Diligence of Asset Sales

Your organisation is about to purchase a major piece of plant or equipment. You have been told that it is in good condition and has been well maintained by the seller. Are you sure that they are telling you everything? Have they been economical with the truth about the equipment? How can you really be certain you are getting a good buy when you are spending millions of dollars?

You will need to know what condition the equipment is in and you would like an independent assessment of its value to ensure you are not over paying for it. Many of the problem areas with heavy equipment and plant may not be visible from the exterior. You need to have an internal inspection carried out to ensure that any faults have been identified. AllGen have experience in providing this due diligence using their highly skilled technicians and consultants. As part of this service AllGen can also provide clients with estimates of the costs of any repairs as well as estimates of the costs for the staffing, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Valuation of Generating Plant Assets

Is your organisation an electricity generator? Are you considering buying a generator but not sure of how much is it worth? You need to be certain that the equipment you are considering is worth the asking price. As well as due diligence of asset sales AllGen are also able to offer a valuations service for generating plant assets. This will provide you with the reassurance you need that the equipment you are considering is value for money. Our specialists can give your organisation an accurate valuation of the equipment based on current market valuation.

Valuation of Specific Plant Items

AllGen are also able to offer accurate valuations on a variety of other specific plant items.

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