Case Study No. 2 – Lihir Geothermal Power Station (2014-2017)

Project Info
  • Category: Overhaul Supervision & Project Management
  • AllGen Supervisors : Ged Mackintosh and Ramel Luna inspecting and recording the turbine axial and radial clearance for alignment at Lihir Geothermal PS.
Project Details

Lihir Geothermal Power Station (2014-2017)
2017 AllGen provided technical support for inspections, overhaul and installation of the Unit 4 20MW GE Steam Turbine.
2015 AllGen provided technical support inspection, modification and  overhaul of the Unit 5 steam turbine overhaul 20MW GE Turbine.
2014 AllGen provided technical support for inspection, modification and overhaul of the Unit 3 STG overhaul 20MW GE Turbine and Gear Box.

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